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“There’s no such thing as can’t,” that is our motto at KanDo Adventures. Well, maybe that’s a little extreme but so is the sport. When it comes to adventure racing enthusiasts, we all know what it takes to tackle nature’s challenges. We at KanDo Adventures strive to provide the best adventure racing experience possible by designing courses that will challenge your mind, test your endurance, strengthen your will to tackle the unexpected, and persevere despite the obstacles.  Remember Adventure Racing is all about you experiencing life to the fullest and not anything about beating you down or filling your ears with a lot of mud!

Currently, our premier event is exclusively in the Charleston, SC, area and is designed to attract participants who enjoy multi-sport, adventure racing. Whether you are an endurance athlete, an adrenaline junky, or a first-timer who just enjoys the outdoors and wants to say “I did it”, we at KanDo Adventures have an experience for you. Our web site will provide you with information about us, our events and our sponsors. We link to facebook, the largest social network and encourage you to “like” us and start a topic on your outdoor experiences and how you mesh with KanDo Adventures. What you’re looking for, the things you like and dislike.  Our button "Palmetto Swamp Fox Promo" on this page will take you to YouTube and one of our Promo Videos, but follow the Swamp Fox videos posted by our greatest enthusiasts, our Swamp Fox veteran racers.

So, accept the KanDo challenge, sign-up and enjoy the exhilarating experiences that KanDo Adventures have planned for you. Make our motto yours - There’s No Such Thing As Can’t!

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