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For the Savannah River/Augusta Canal AR

1. You must render aid to any racer in need of medical attention. Time credits will be awarded to compensate for time lost while assisting. Penalty – Disqualified

2. No dragging the boats. You are financially responsible for any damage! Penalty – 1 hour-disqualified

3. Bike riding must be done on the designated course.  Off Limits roads/highways will be briefed prior to the race. Penalty – 1 hour-disqualified

4. Your team must remain together at all times. You will not know which points are manned. If you arrive at a manned checkpoint without your team, you will be asked to wait at the checkpoint until the remainder of your team arrives. Penalty– ½ hour-disqualified

5. Use of whistles is to signal if you need assistance only! (For emergencies only). Penalty – warning- ½ hour

6. You must recycle any trash that you produce during the race, absolutely no littering! Penalty– ½ hour-disqualified.

7. Cell phones are FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY!

8. Assisting other teams is authorized on any portion of the race.

9. You must carry all mandatory items as well as items given to you during the race. Penalty – ½ hour each item

10. You must wear PFD while Paddlng at all times. Penalty – 1 hour-disqualified

11. You must wear your Bike Helmet while Biking. Penalty – 1 hour-disqualified

12. NO GPS or electronic assistance. Penalty – Disqualification

13. All protests should be brought to the race director’s table. Race director’s decision is final.

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