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In The Shadows of the Palmetto Swamp Fox Adventure Race is the...



March 14, 2015


More than just a scavenger hunt and more than just Geocaching, the Swamp fox Scavenger Hunt (SFSH) will entertain your family members and friends who might not be quite up to the challenge of the Palmetto Swamp Fox Adventure Race.  The SFSH will take participants to some of the same locations as the Palmetto Swamp Fox AR, except they won't be trying to beat anyone else there.  A fun outing for the whole family, teams will be required to locate KanDo Boxs located in the Francis Marion Forest by hiking from central established parking areas by using any means available to them, (ie. a GPS or if they like a compass and map).


The objective of the SFSH is to travel from Staging Areas (parking lots) to Staging Area then travel by foot to locate Cach box's to collect one peice of trasure from each box throughout the course of the day and then return to the finish line to reveal your cach to receive 1 raffel ticket per item collected.  At the close of the event, 3 tickets will be drawn to award Prizes to 3 lucky hunters... You must be present to receive your prize.


Registration $50.00 per team (any size) for this event will give your team a hunt for fun, a chance to win 1 to three prizes in the drawing and all members share in the Swamp Fox's most famous  Shrimp Creol feast.  Registration can either be made by mail or in person the morning of March 14, 2015 @ 10:00 at KanDo Headquarters, 405 Pickney Street, McClellanville SC, 29458.  The hunt will begin at 12 noon and the feast and drawing will be at 7pm.


This is a great way to spend the day visiting the beautiful Francis Marion Forest visiting locations seldom visited since the famous elusive patriot Swamp Fox himself Francis Marion...


For more information, you can email Steve Morrone @



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