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This is a self-supported race so all required equipment and food will need to be carried by each racer throughout the day (bikes, boats, and associated equipment will be pre-staged).



  • Hydration pack/water carrying system

  • Mountain bike (per person)

  • Quality bike helmet (per person)

  • Bike gloves

  • Bike repair kit consisting of spare tube/patch kit, pump and tire tools

  • Compass (per team) All food/water needed for the race

  • Plotting tool (per team) Sponsor will provide one to each racer...  Check out their UTM Plotting Tutorials.  Awesome!

  • Boat/paddling equipment (per person/team)

  • First aid kit

  • Cell phone (per team - emergencies only


Suggested (ALL)

  • Paddling gloves

  • Bug repellent

  • Leg Gaitors

  • Headlamp

  • Rear bike light

  • Rain top (weather dependent)

  • Warm top (weather dependent)

  • Video camera (to share your experience!)

  • Large Sponge/Rag and/or bilge pump

  • A Large Net or Laundry draw string bag to put all you gear in!!!  It's much easier to protect and transport your gear if it's all together and marked!

(not a complete list, personal needs may require additional gear.  Be smart and plan for the unexpected.)

  • 10’ rope/cording, 500lb rating min. (also consider a daisy chain, or lanyard and carabiners).

  • Extra survival blanket. (in addition to team’s requirement)

  • Lights (one set per adaptive athlete)

  • Red rear light for hand cycles?

  • Safety whistle (per adaptive athlete.  In addition to teams whistle)

  • Lightweight jacket and extra socks.

  • Clothing appropriate for weather forecast

  • Blister pads

  • Disposable wipes

  • Glow sticks (standard size)

  • Any required medications (prescribed by a physician.  Any specific health concerns should be pre-approved by the Race Director 2 weeks prior to the race)


NOTE:  If you’re not providing your own boats, Be advised that we are pleased to welcome Nature Adventures Outfitters Adventure Center as our boat sponsor.  You can rent all your paddling needs through them and they will deliver and pick up all your rental gear after the race.



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