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Race Rules

1. You must render aid to any racer in need of medical attention. Time credits will be awarded to compensate for time lost while assisting. Penalty – Disqualified

2. No dragging the boats. You are financially responsible for any damage if it’s yours or if it’s rented. Penalty – 1 hour-disqualified

3. Bike riding must be done on the designated course.  Off Limits roads/highways will be briefed prior to the race. Penalty – 1 hour-disqualified

4. Your team must remain together at all times. You will not know which points are manned. If you arrive at a manned checkpoint without your team, you will be asked to wait at the checkpoint until the remainder of your team arrives. Penalty– ½ hour-disqualified

5. Use of whistles is to signal if you need assistance only! (For emergencies only). Penalty – warning- ½ hour

6. You must recycle any trash that you produce during the race, absolutely no littering! Penalty– ½ hour-disqualified.

7. Cell phones are FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY!

8. Assisting other teams is authorized on any portion of the race.

9. You must carry all mandatory items as well as items given to you during the race. Penalty – ½ hour each item

10. You must wear PFD while Paddlng at all times. Penalty – 1 hour-disqualified

11. You must wear your Bike Helmet while Biking. Penalty – 1 hour-disqualified

12. NO GPS or electronic assistance. Penalty – Disqualification

13. All protests should be brought to the race director’s table. Race director’s decision is final.

14. All elements of the race are MANDATORY, (ie Boat Paddle, Bike, Trek) unless specified by Race Director!  Penalty - Loss of gained points - disqualified

Adaptive Teams

1.  Minimum of 3 or 4 man team (1 adaptive athlete per team).

2.  A SAG team (at least 1 individual) out on course (points provided by the race director after start of the race).  Should have ability to retrieve cycle and adaptive athlete, additional first aid supplies.  For Aid Support only.  (not to be used to gain advantage with supplies and gear drops).

3.  E-assist hand cycles are approved for adaptive athletes only (considered a mobility device by the ADA, Bureau of Land Management and US Park Services).  Teammates on e-assist violate the spirit of the race and should be supportive of those requiring assistance with arm power through the entire bike sections.   E-assist cycles should not be used in a way that provides teammates not having a disability an unfair advantage (i.e hauling extra gear, towing others not with e-assist, or to gain advantage by splitting up.  Never separate from your adaptive teammates!).

4.  Adaptive racers should consider foam seat inserts for kayak sections (pre planning for this is highly recommended).

5.  There may be sections/areas marked where adaptive teams will vary from main race course.  Respective teams should be honest and stay within marked sections for their category.

6.  Adaptive teams should have additional first aid supplies and support equipment based on needs of their team/athlete. (i.e. additional cording, rope, lanyards, etc)

7.  Adaptive teams will have additional required gear and supplies  (see attached list)

8.  Aid should be offered to any adaptive team in distress and failure to do so could result in loss of a checkpoint or disqualification.  (failure to locate a check point is not distress).

9.  Race Officials have the final say if an adaptive team is late for a time cut off, or appear to be in risk of distress or undue difficulty.  Adaptive teams will abide by and cooperate with Race Officials request and suggestions.  

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