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This is a self-supported race so all required equipment and food will need to be carried by each racer throughout the day (bikes, boats, and associated equipment will be pre-staged).



  • Hydration pack/water carrying system

  • Mountain bike (per person)

  • Quality bike helmet (per person)

  • Bike gloves

  • Bike repair kit consisting of spare tube/patch kit, pump and tire tools

  • Compass (per team)

  • All food/water needed for the race

  • Plotting tool (per team)

  • Boat/paddling equipment (per person/team)
    NOTE: If you’re not providing your own boats, remember to reserve and pay for a rental through our boat sponsor, Earth Connection Outfitters, by calling Jimmy at (864) 993-0109. He will need the Height & Weight of each racer, Team Name and full payment at a discounted rate.

  • First aid kit

  • Cell phone (per team - emergencies only)



  • Paddling gloves

  • Bug repellant

  • Leg Gaitors

  • Rain top (weather dependant)

  • Warm top (weather dependant)

  • Video camera (to share you experience!)​

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